Our apps are pixel perfect & carefully designed to fit your needs for a modern, sleek interface.


Apps work across a multitude of devices and operating systems so your app is accessible by everyone.


Images and code are optimized so your app will load as fast as possible across mobile devices.

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Share information without having to sacrifice your privacy. We do not collect, save, or share your data.

All in One Place

Bring everything into one place and make it easy to engage your community. Instead of spending time and money printing and distributing information, simplify your day by bringing contact directories, bulletins, and announcements into one digital place for everyone to access. Send messages to your entire community instantaneously with push notifications and newsfeeds. Link all your social media channels to your app. Link to your website and online store.

Share a single video, a livestream, or playlists full of videos with ease. You can distribute your podcast or any audio through your app and on any Alexa device. Your app can be anything you want it to be. OneAppWay apps are also designed to make file sharing effortless. Simply add files and documents for everyone to access. You control your app’s content in real time through the intuitive, user-friendly App Manager.

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    How it Works

    When you log into your app manager, you will have plenty of options to choose and personalize your content. Your content is only changed when you make updates and your files are hosted on your personal Google Drive so they are safe and secure. You are always in control and your content changes are updated live to the world. We will continue to innovate and allow you to share your personalized content with the world – all within a user-friendly interface!

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