OneAppWay does not control your app's content. You may update and change info as you wish with no cost.


You control the content in your app. Any updates you make to your app's content will display live, immediately to the world.


We partner with Google for your database to hold your app's content which means you control your own data.


All OneAppWay apps can transform into Emergency Mode when your audience needs it most. Learn more.

You control your app.

When you log into your app manager, you will have plenty of options to choose and personalize your content. Your content is only changed when you make updates and your files are hosted in a Google database so they are safe and secure.

You are always in control and your content changes are updated live to the world. We will continue to innovate and allow you to share your personalized content with the world – all within a user-friendly interface! See your growing list of content types below. Happy sharing!

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Content categories on iPad

Content Types

Easily upload and manage content through this website or directly from your app. See some example content types below. You can rename content categories and their subtitles. Personalize your app. Get creative!

  • Message(push)
  • Local Weather
  • Audio Files
  • Ads & Coupons
  • Contacts
  • Document Files
  • Report an Issue
  • Events Calendar
  • For Sale / Rent
  • Giving
  • Photos
  • Addresses
  • News & Articles
  • News Links
  • Video Playlists
  • Recurring Events
  • Obituaries
  • PDF Documents
  • PowerPoint Files
  • Publications
  • Live Video
  • Online Meetings
  • Online Shopping
  • Photo Albums
  • Social Media
  • Subscribe
  • Video Files
  • Web Links (6)
  • Emergency (4)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Spreadsheets
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Many More...
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Emergency Mode

All OneAppWay apps can transform into Emergency Mode. Hurricanes and other natural disasters are dangerous and it’s important to keep your audience informed during these critical times. In many cases, people experience cable tv and power outages but their mobile devices remain usable with battery power and cell service. This means you can provide urgent information even in the worst conditions.

Easily give your audience access to info on storm surge, wind damage, flooding, road closings, curfews, shelters, tornadoes, evacuation plans, heavy snow, hail, and more. Whether you choose to offer a comprehensive emergency resource or a few simple web links, with one click, you can activate Emergency Mode and your app will transform into a reference for emergency contacts, messages, and more. Be there for your audience when they need it most.

But wait, there's more!

Since OneAppWay apps are powered by InfoMark, you will have access to InfoMark features and business solutions like advanced privacy and the user-friendly SDK. With no developer needed, you can simply add two lines of code to any website and live stream the content of your app to any website in the world.

InfoMark on iPad

OneAppWay & InfoMark

OneAppWay apps are built with InfoMark technology. Their mission is to give you the ability to access and share relevant information effortlessly. They are not a social platform. InfoMark does not steal your data and it won’t invade your privacy. No competitors. No ads. No overstimulation. They simply offer a way to exchange information quickly.

You will also be able to search InfoMarks and quickly discover relevant information all within the free InfoMark app if you choose. InfoMark technology partners with your personal Google Drive account to store your documents and media which means you control your own data. InfoMark does not sell or share your data.

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Purchase with Confidence

We believe all organizations, big and small, should have access to affordable technology that is thoughtfully created with your privacy in mind. Connecting with your audience is essential for growth and you should be able to share information easily without having to sacrifice your privacy. Our technology partners with Google Firestore database to store your documents and media which means you control your own data. We do not sell or share your data.