How it Works

OneAppWay apps are built with InfoMark technology. InfoMark is a revolutionary way to discover and share relevant information quickly. Give others access to product manuals, photos, documents, links, addresses and much more with ease. Their mission is to give you the ability to access and share relevant information effortlessly. InfoMark is the latest advancement in technology and it brings you back to basics. They are not a social platform. InfoMark does not steal your data and it won’t invade your privacy. No competitors. No ads. No overstimulation. No more spending hours sifting through search results to find what you need. They simply offer a way to exchange information quickly.

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You Control Your Data

By signing in with your personal Google account, InfoMark technology allows you to upload documents and media with confidence and share information easily without having to sacrifice your privacy. Your files will be uploaded to your own, personal Google account. We do not monitor, collect, save, or share your data. Happy sharing!

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