Why have an app when you have a website?

Websites and apps serve different purposes. A website is an outward-facing platform which displays broad information targeted to all web users. This is where your organization can communicate an overview to everyone.

An app is an inward-facing platform created for organization members to remain engaged and stay updated with announcements, events, and other details. Apps offer a personal connection with your members as information is sent directly to their personal devices – into the palm of their hands.

What can you do with your app?

Whether you want to improve engagement, distribute files, increase donations, or simply share a video, you will be able to personalize your communication by speaking to your community through your app. With push notifications, your app can notify your audience of news and important announcements.

OneAppWay apps are simply stressless and available on both Apple App Store and Google Play available for download at everyone’s fingertips. Manage your app with a user-friendly interface and no hidden fees. We work with your city/ church/ organization to create the best, customized app to represent your brand including your logo, colors, design, and aesthetics. We also guide app owners through how to access their app’s content with our user-friendly app manager to ensure quick and easy access to their content whether they are at their computer or on the go.

Our Brand is Your Brand

Our goal is to give you all the pieces needed to grow your business through the branding of your new app. We provide the structure and you give it your own unique flair. We want to incorporate all the aspects of what makes your brand special and create a fully functioning app that can be downloaded by everyone. Give you audience the power to engage with you from the palm of their hand.

Having an app is the easiest way to ensure your audience gets your latest information. Providing your audience with a personalized app will help them to remain engaged with your product, service, or organization. Becoming easily accessible is the best way to stay relevant in the future.

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